Services Available

Coordinated & Collaborative Care

Primary Care

We providing patients with a whole-person centered approach to treatment, management and preventative health and wellness based primary care services.

Chronic Care Management

Our treatment methods blend Eastern Medicine principles in conjunction with conventional medicine with a central focus on identifying and treating the root cause of chronic illness & disease.

Functional Medicine

Our personalized health care treatments take into account a patient’s history, genetics, environment and lifestyle, We utilize nutritional therapy, exercise, supplements, hormone therapy, and natural treatments over drugs or surgery.

Our Holistic Primary Care team utilizes whatever specialty service integrates all specialities necessary under one roof to provide coordinated care for optimal health and wellness.  Our diversified patient centered practice model allows patients unrestricted access to the following specialty services.  

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Medical Weight Loss

Our Medical Weight Loss program is about more than just losing weight, it's about whole body wellness through diet and exercise, lifestyle modification, nutritional counseling, and when necessary, prescription medication. Our personalized program is designed to help stimulate weigh loss efficiently, and keep the weight off long term.

Labs & Diagnostics

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Sports Medicine

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Spine Institute

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Physical Therapy

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Chiropractic Care

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Medical Massage Therapy

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Medical Marijuana

Our Medical Cannabis Physicians are highly skilled and specialty trained in the management of Medical Cannabis.  Our Providers assist patients